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Aberdeen / Stirling

8 September 2017

Dirty Sundays at The Boozy Cow

When your Saturdays are BOOZY make sure your Sundays are DIRTY!

Get your heavy head to your nearest Boozy Cow (Aberdeen and Stirling only) and we will whip up just the cure to have you clicking your heels and ready to face the day again!

Start yourself off with a complimentary Beroccatini (it’s a Berocca, in a martini glass, cause we’re classy like that!) to top up those B vitamins and prepare yourself for a feed your hangovers have only dreamed of!

Feast your eyes on these beauties (see what we did there…)

Cereal Killer Burger Mother Clucker!

Frostie coated fried chicken with a pineapple salsa, lettuce & Tomato. It's what Tony would do!

Red-Eye Burger

The perfect wake up! Boozy burger pattie, fried egg, bacon, red eye sauce, lettuce & tomato. Add a cup of Red Eye coffee for £1.50 to banish the bleary eyes.

Everyday I'm Wafflin'

Bacon, Maple Syrup and whipped butter on 2 Belgian style waffles - this will get you shufflin’ again!

Still a wee bit shy of a full recharge?

If you need one final kick into humanity, get it from a Boozy Mary – our big meaty take on the classic. Friends, we all know sometimes a hair of the dog is the only way forward.