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Aberdeen / Stirling

8 March 2017

Aberdeen & Stirling Are Now Taking Online Bookings

Yup you read that right! Not only are we taking bookings in our Aberdeen and Stirling units but we're TAKING ONLINE BOOKINGS TOO!

We're super stoked to announce that we're going to be using the booking platform ResDiary! This will make life a lot easier for you! It will make life a lot easier for us! It's an overall winner.

You will be able to book online in 3 ways.

Booking Method 1 - Our Website

Book directly from our website! You will be able to find our booking widget on the locations page. Just pick the location where you want to book and the booking option is at the bottom of the page. Pick your date and the number of people you want to book for, the available time slots will appear in the right hand box.

Booking Method 2 - Facebook

You can also book via Facebook. If you go to the Facebook page of the venue you are interested in, you should see the Book Now button on the header. Click on it and away you go.

Booking Method 3 - Res Diary

You can also book from ResDiary itself. Just search the restaurant and book from our ResDiary profile page.

ResDiary - Aberdeen

ResDiary - Stirling

Please note that Edinburgh still upholds our original walk-in policy.