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9 February 2017

Where is it going to be, the Boozy Cow Dundee?

Rumours have been circulating the streets of Dundee. Whispers about Laings and the Boozy Cow. Murmurs of beer gardens no more. We're thrilled to announce that some of the rumours are true! The Boozy Cow Dundee will open at 8 Roseangle where currently Laing's Bar & Kitchen is located! We are also happy to confirm that we are keeping the dope-ass beer garden.


Laings was an established and well-liked institution in Dundee, and we understand that there are some of you who are gutted to see it go. Rest assured that we'll do our best to honour its legacy! At the Boozy Cow you will still be able to enjoy a drink with your mates and grab a delicious bite to eat. Since we're keeping the beer garden, you'll still be able have your summer hideout but with awesome Boozy Cow burgers instead. We will also be hosting weekly events like live music, potentially DJs and pub quizzes! Summers are going to be so good in Dundee!

What is the Boozy Cow is bringing to Dundee?

Cows, chicks, dogs & shakes

We care a lot about the quality and taste of our food. It’s all sourced from Scotland where possible, fresh and prepared in-house! This what makes our burgers so juicy, our hotdogs so scrumptious, and our chilli and sauces sing with flavour. Cutlery is optional, so don't be afraid to just dive into your meal. We'll provide plenty of kitchen roll and wet wipes for the clean up after! The Boozy Cow Dundee will open with the new 2017 menu, but don't worry if you've been before, we're keeping many of the old favourites. Peruse our menu here.

Cocktails & Craft Beer Galore

We have a talented bar team who spend a lot of time concocting amazing and exciting cocktails that will tingle your taste buds. All the cocktails we serve are unique to us, even the classics get a Boozy Cow twist. Our Boozy Mary, for example, features meat vodka that we flavour ourselves. We are also very proud of our selection of craft beers, having traveled far and wide to taste the best and the worst out there. Click for our Drinks Menu.

We Donate a 100% of our Profits to Charity

It's no secret that at the Boozy Cow we donate a 100% of our profits to charities local to our units. We'll be doing the same for the Boozy Cow Dundee, working towards improving the communities that we live and work in. Have a look at our About Us page to find out more.

The Boozy Crew

We've been getting a lot of enquiries already, and yes we'll be looking for fun, talented and hard working individuals to become part of the Boozy Crew! Sounds like you? Have a look at Join the herd for more information, and email [email protected] with your CV and why you want to become part of the Boozy Cow love club.