Boozy Blog


27 February 2017

Take Me Home: Boozy Cow Does Take-Away

Fancy a Boozy Cow burger, but you're in a rush and don't have time to sit down? Want to surprise someone at lunch with Popcorn Chicken? Or just want to tuck into your chilli cheese fries whilst wrapped up in your slanket, binge watching Netflix?

It's old news that we do Deliveroo, but it's not so well known that you can just come in and take away a meal yourself. Sometimes that just suits people better. No additional charges, and especially convenient if you don't live far! We're happy for people to take their Boozy Cow feast home, *just pop in and order! We'll get your meal to you in 15 minutes in take-out carriers. To quote an annoying Meerkat, SIMPLES!