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23 February 2017

The Ultimate Food Challenge in Scotland: The Boozy Cow Chilli Challenge!

We get contacted a lot with questions about the chilli challenge. Here are all the FAQs answered in one place!

Food Challenge Scotland

Why the chilli challenge?

When dreaming up the Boozy Cow concept, somehow, at some point, someone mentioned having a food challenge. It escalated from there really. As the menu started to take shape it seemed only natural that we create the challenge using soon to be classic Boozy Cow menu items rather than creating something new and separate for it!

What do you have to eat?

One red hot chilli burger

One chilli dog

A portion of chilli cheese fries

One milkshake (generally Oreo, but will do others too on request)

Why is it hard?

All of the above sounds completely manageable right? To make it challenging we've included a strict time limit for completion. Unable to clear your tray in the time, you fail. In addition, our normally delicious Boozy Cow chilli is made extra spicy with the liberal use of Scotch Bonnet and Ghost Pepper sauce.

How long do you get to complete the chilli challenge?

15 minutes. That's to eat everything and drink your milkshake too....

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How much does it cost?

£28.50 is the damage. However if you eat it all within the time limit it's on us.

Do you need to pre-book the chilli challenge?

Nope! Just rock up and be prepared to eat a lot and very fast! Also, be prepared for the burn after.

How many people have done it before?

Across our units around 1500 people have tried it (to date). Around 400 have actually managed to do it. That's a 26.6% success rate. Which isn't terrible! Reckon you can do it?

What's the current record?

Six minutes and 29 seconds! This ridiculous feat was accomplished by Kris Frampton in Aberdeen on February 14th, 2017. Lad.

What do I get for completing it?

You get your meal for free, a place on our on-site and digital hall of fame and the eternal respect of all Boozy patrons for all of time. Pretty much bragging rights.

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