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17 February 2017

​7 Food Challenges to Try in Scotland

For some reason we particularly enjoy watching someone suffer through all manners of food challenges; from outrageous quantities of food to ridiculous hot hot heat. Equally mystifying is people's unwavering desire to go out and do just that!

Scotland has a surprisingly large amount of food challenges. We just love eating that much. Below, we've gathered 7 of the most monstrous and difficult trials of the gut that we could find. They range from enormous portions, to a curry so hot it’s put people in hospital!

Why is it so big?

Ad Lib’s Monster Burger Challenge, Glasgow

Today's Burger Challenger #burgerchallenge #mosterburger #canyoudefeatit #somuchburger #glasgowburger #areyoumanenough
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The stats

  • What: One very big burger.
  • Time Allowed: 2 Hours
  • Price: £35
  • Where: Glasgow

First up is Ad Lib’s Monster Burger Challenge. This burger is indescribably BIG. The bun is made specifically to accommodate the monstrous 3lb beef patty involved which needs a custom spatula to flip! The bun and burger alone would be a mission to eat, but on top goes 1lb of cheese, 3 whole tomatoes, two onions and lettuce for garnish. Nearly 400 people have tried to conquer this behemoth, and few have managed it. Contestants get a whole two hours to finish it, but bear in mind you’re not allowed to move away from your table. Going to the bathroom for example is forfeiting. Losers pay up the £35 pounds, winners walk away with a very full belly and a cool new t-shirt to cover it up with.

The steaks are too damn high!

MeatHouse’s 72oz Steak Challenge, Dundee

The stats

  • What: 72oz worth of steak + 3 sides (macaroni & cheese, onion rings, chips)
  • Time Allowed: 1 hour
  • Price: £140
  • Where: Dundee

This 72oz Steak is a real man versus food style battle. One hour to go up against 72oz worth of pure meat and 3 greasy sides of macaroni cheese, chips and onion rings. Not for the light hearted, or light anything really. The steak has only been beaten by 2 people since they started running it in 2013. It’s also the highest risk challenge on this list; winners walk away with a free meal, a place on the wall of fame and a t-shirt. Losers have to pony up £140 pounds for their meal.

We like it hot hot hot

The Armagedwing Challenge at Wings, Edinburgh

The stats

  • What: 6 spicy wings
  • Time Allowed: 30 minute burn time
  • Price: £4.20
  • Where: Edinburgh

Edinburgh based Wings' Suicide Challenge has catapulted them into foodie fame across Scotland. However, the people behind Wings have decided to kick it up a notch. You can now partake in the Armagedwing. Six wings coated in a sauce so hot it’s got 1.2 million scoville units of heat. To put that into context, your average Jalapeno has between 3,500-10,000 units. A habanero pepper or a scotch bonnet will have between 100,000-350,000 units. THAT’S VERY HOT.

Of course there is more to it than just eating 6 spicy wings. You need to have completed the Suicide Wing Challenge before you’re even allowed to do the Armagedwing version. There is no time limit on eating the wings, but no matter how long you take, from the second you’re done you have a 30 minute burn time. In this burn time you’re not allowed to move out of your seat or be sick. The only thing you’re allowed to drink is beer or water.

You also have to give Wings a week’s notice if you want to do the challenge. Very few have defeated this fiery tongue battle and sat out the burn time, but those that do get two free bowls of wings a day for life. If you still want them that is.

Sandwich Party

Hogan’s Breakfast Sandwhich, Kilmarnock

The stats

  • What: 10 pieces of toast, 8 eggs, 8 rashers of bacon, 8 potato scones, 4 sausages, 4 black puddings, 4 hash browns, tomatoes and a big tin of beans.
  • Time Allowed: 40 minutes.
  • Price: £20
  • Where: Kilmarnock

This monstrosity is really testing the definition of a sandwich. 10 oversized pieces of toast piled high and filled with British breakfast favourites: 8 eggs, 8 rashers of bacon, 8 potato scones, 4 sausages, 4 slices of black pudding, 4 hash browns, tomatoes and a big tin of beans on the side. Winners not only walk away with a free meal but with a £100 cash as well, a spot on the wall of fame and a snazzy t-shirt! Breakfast is served!

That’s a lot of inches….

Toni’s 27inch Pizza Challenge, Glasgow

The stats

  • What: 27inch Cheese Pizza
  • Time Allowed: 90 minutes
  • Price: £27
  • Where: Giffnock (Glasgow)

A pizza so big that it barely fits on the table it’s served! You’re encouraged to do this challenge with a friend, eating half of the pizza each before another comes out to complete your personal consumption of 27inches worth of cheese, dough and tomato sauce. 1 kilo of cheese sits on top of it by the way, 1 KILO!!! That’s over 4000 calories on cheese alone! Winners get the pizza for free and fame forever and ever on the wall of Toni’s Pizzeria Giffnock.

This challenge hospitalises people, for real

Kismot Killer Curry, Edinburgh

????? #Kismot #Curry #Indian #KismotKiller #Edinburgh #Scotland #Hot #Spicy
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The stats

  • What: A bowl of ridiculously hot curry
  • Time Allowed: In one sitting
  • Price: £20
  • Where: Edinburgh

This challenge comes with the biggest and scariest reputation on the list. It’s put 2 people in hospital in 2011 after they spent their evening throwing up and writhing in pain on the floor. Competitors must sign a legal disclaimer before taking part, a disclaimer that also formally encourages participants to pre-plan their suffering by putting toilet roll in the freezer for when they get home. Yikes. The curry itself has been toned down a little since the events of 2011, but still poses a significant challenge. The curry contains 17 of the spiciest chillies in the world, and participants must give the restaurant 24 hour’s notice so that it can be prepared to it’s full strength. Finish the bowl and you get it for free.

So what’s our challenge?

Boozy Cow’s Chilli Challenge, Aberdeen + Edinburgh + Dundee

The stats

  • What: A chilli burgers, a chilli dog, chilli cheese fries and 1 milkshake
  • Time Allowed: 15 minutes
  • Price: £28.50
  • Where: Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Dundee

Our challenge combines quantity AND heat. You get 15 minutes to completely devour 1 chilli dog, 1 chilli burger, 1 portion of chilli cheese fries and 1 milkshake of your choice to cool down with during the challenge. Many have tried, many have failed, some have won! The chef laces the standard chilli served in the Boozy Cow with Scotch Bonnet and ghost pepper sauce to ensure that the chilli is extra spicy for the contenders. Ghost pepper (bhut jolokia) was the first pepper ever to be registered to have over 1 million Scoville units and trust us, it packs a punch! Across our units over 1500 people have tried the chilli challenge, and just over 400 have completed it successfully. That's a 26.6% success rate. That's nae bad. Totally doable. Easy peasy. Right?

See how professional competitive eater Randy Santel handled our chilli challenge in Aberdeen here.

Watch the video