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20 January 2017


On January the 9th we launched our #cheatyoself promo. The premise is simple. We all know that keeping to New Year Resolutions is hard. Hit the gym yet? Had a salad for lunch? Took the stairs instead of the elevator?

At the Boozy Cow we actually want to help you reach your fitness goals! We, more than anyone, know that resisting juicy burgers and cheesy fries is HARD. We're constantly surrounded by them! And the alternatives aren't much better. Quinoa sucks. Kale is questionable. What even is spaghetti squash?

That's why we want to help you by helping you cheat! We all know you gotta cheat a little ;) and we'll hook you up with that one single cheat day this month. And it will be awesome. Everyday we release two names via the #CheatYoSelf hashtag. If you are the lucky owner of one of these names you can get a Boozy Cow burger for just £1. But you can only get that burger on the day your name has been nominated. So that's 1 day, and 1 day only. Good luck, hopefully your name will get picked!

The fitness video to end all fitness videos

#Cheatyoself Tees & Cees

• Offer is redeemable one per person per day, on the BC burger.

• Promotion only running in Boozy Cow Aberdeen.

• Additional toppings and sides are not included.

• No drinks included.

• Not applicable on takeaways.

• The name is only applicable on the day of publish. Not on any other day.

• Photographic Identification will be required to verify.

• Variations on a name not accepted unless specified (e.g. If we say Paul, Pauline is not the same).

• 1 male and 1 female name applicable per day.