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10 January 2017

Randy Santel does the Boozy Cow Chilli Challenge!

On Friday, the 27th of May 2016, Randy Santel descended upon us in Aberdeen. His mission? To try out our chilli challenge!

To do our chilli challenge you have to eat:

  • One red hot chilli burger
  • One chilli dog
  • Chilli cheese fries
  • One milkshake

That all doesn’t sound too bad right? Well first of all you have to eat it all in 15 minutes to win. Also, we add a little something something to the chilli to make it extra spicy (psssst it’s ghost pepper sauce.)

To be honest, for a man that regularly eats enormous quantities of food in a short amount of time, our chilli challenge as it stands is probably not that hard. But trust us for mere mortals it’s definitely an arduous trial! Our challenge was Randy’s 390th food challenge ever, and also his second challenge that day! To make sure he felt appropriately tested, we made it even spicier than normal. We’re evil, we know. To no avail however, the spice slowed him down a little but he still managed to complete the challenge in 14 minutes. 8 minutes longer than he expected, mind you ;)

Watch the video

Check out Randy’s website and youtube channel for more of his eating shenanigans.